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Austin Ekeler

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40 Nickel League
Season 29, Season 30
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Taco Tuesday…more like Nacho Tuesday

While the day of the week favored the El Original Taco Ravens the outcome left a lot to be desired. After starting the season 2 – 0, the...

Game of the Week – Week 2 (Pt.1)

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen, this is El Original Taco reporting to you from a quiet Las Vegas Raiders stadium, as the 40 Nick community awaits a confirmed time...
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With a little luck…

On Friday, November 12, 2021, the El Taco Ravens hosted the DocZulu Raiders. Both teams entered the game determined to start the season off on a positive note...
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Bears Come Out Flat Week 1 vs Browns

The Bears came out flat Week 1 and just didn’t meet the Browns intensity. Fields looked like a deer in headlights while the Browns’ relentless pressure forced Fields...

The Colts Run Over the Cowgirls

Behind the legs of Jonathan Taylor the Colts win their week one matchup against Jdubs cowboys. O line play lead by Nelson helped the Colts stay on the...
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The NEXT 40Nick Experience

We began this journey in the Summer of 2004, during the PS2 generation, when online gaming was new & revolutionary. Sim style was more concept than practice, and...