40 Nickel Stats Entry (Computer/Laptop)

  • Find your game in the Scoreboard at the top of the home page or by clicking on the schedule page and then clicking on the – above “Final Score” for your respective game.
  • After screen refresh, at the very top of screen (above scoreboard) click on “edit event”

Screen will refresh to stat entry page

  • Scroll down to “Game Results” Category (middle left)

* Winning Coach is REQUIRED to enter each quarter’s result as well as the final score for both teams

<< If the losing coach enters the game results you do not have to re-enter them unless you see errors >>

  • Scroll Down to “Team Category” (bottom right)

<< Do not change the team name in the drop-down menu >>

*Home team will always be the first team listed.  Away team will be listed below the home team

  • The “Offense” tab below your team name should be already selected
  • Place a check mark on all the offensive players you are entering stats for, in the order you want players listed
  • Select “Defense” tab in right player list column
  • Place a check mark on all the defensive players you are entering stats for, in the order you want players listed
  • Once all players are checked off scroll up and click on the blue “Update” button on the right side of the screen
  • The screen will refresh
  • Scroll down to the “Box Score” Category and then scroll down to your respective players listed and began entering their stats in the proper fields left to right

* Again, Home team’s players will be listed first so continue to scroll down to your team’s players listed

**There is a scroll bar at the bottom of each category to scroll left & right or you can use the tab key on your keyboard to scroll right while entering stats

  • Below the last player listed in each Offense & Defense “Box Score” you will see the Total fields for each stat you entered.  These fields will auto populate based on what you entered for each player, but the numbers will be grayed out and must be physically entered by you for team totals to populate on the site.
  • Once all player and total stats are entered scroll down to the “User” Category at the very bottom of the page and select yourself in the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll back up near the top and click on the blue Update button to submit your stats.
  • You can click on 40Nickel.com on the upper left-hand corner of the page to return to the sites home page.