The NEXT 40Nick Experience

We began this journey in the Summer of 2004, during the PS2 generation, when online gaming was new & revolutionary.

Sim style was more concept than practice, and the public rooms were not a metaphorical place. Everyone met in lobbies and forums

As we grew our needs grew, and near the end of the first decade of the 21st century, we packed our community & relocated for upgraded message boards.

Today, in 2020, Shadez has spent over 6 months preparing the 40 Nickel Madden Community for something innovative. 🧐

Our second generation QTR BIN has arrived just in time for another generation of consoles❗️

However, as you peruse the site, you’ll realize that QTR BIN 2.0 is not just a stats tracker.

QTR BIN 2.0 is a medium to enhance our gaming experience.  Posting articles, press conferences and team pages is only the beginning of our experience.

We’ll be able to come here to watch live streams of PUGs and pick up games. We can listen to podcasts while we chat in discord.

We will be able to use this space to anticipate next gen gaming.

This is the front porch of our home.

While QTR BIN 2.0 still needs an extra nail and a screw, everyone should pull up a chair and get comfortable.

We now have a place that will innovate as our Community grows.