Taco Tuesday…more like Nacho Tuesday

While the day of the week favored the El Original Taco Ravens the outcome left a lot to be desired. After starting the season 2 – 0, the Ravens looked slow, confused and at times discombobulated. Erin Andrews met with El Taco after the game.

Erin Andrews chatting with Coach Taco

Erin Andrews: After a great start to the season this was a rough outing coach, what happened?

Taco: See what had happened was…..

Erin Andrews: Please continue?

Taco: The Buccaneers came into the game well coached and with more desire than we did. They pressured our offense all game causing huge mistakes.

Erin Andrews: Did any specifically stand out?

Taco: The coaching. The Buccaneers defense slowed our run, forced multiple ints, caused multiple sacks, and all around shut down our plan. We had a few opportunities but did not capitalize when we needed to.

Erin Andrews: What are your plans going forward?

Taco: Tequila, like Terramana. That should wash away the bad taste this lost has left in my mouth. After that we will get back to the basics.

After this poor performance the Ravens left a lot of questions unanswered….What can the Ravens do to learn from this loss? Considering the skills within his division can El Taco lead his team to victory? Will Lamar Jackson win the rushing title? Only time will tell as we wrap up Week 3 of 16 in Season 30 of the 40Nick!