Shaken not Stirred

Tom Brady Shaken after game deciding pick 6

Coach ELBuccs and Tom Brady were in position to win their 11th and final game of the regular season. It had been a classic heavy weight bout with both Coach ELBuccs and Coach Mamba at times taking rounds in dominant fashion. Mamba began the game taking some vicious body blows with 3 early picks. However his defensive training carried him through preventing a knockout blow. Coach ELBuccs balanced tactical fight held him back from going for the knockout blow. The fight was even at the half 17-17.

The third quarter was more of the same with both landing punches and taking punches. Coach Mamba would emerge as the leader after three up 20-17. Coach ELBuccs held his ground with a 4th & short stop to end a Mamba attempt get a more significant edge on the judges score card. That failed attempt on 4th down took some energy away from Mamba and had him on the ropes a bit. The Bucs drove converting first downs to get it to the Viking 6 facing 3rd & 2, 3:20 to go in the 4th, Vikings up 20-17. A moment of truth! Is it in you, can you land the blow or take the punch?

Brady misses Brate wide open on left
Harris undercuts dart to Gronk

The moment of truth was Coach ELBuccs missing Cameron Brate left uncovered to the left. That error was compounded by throwing late over the middle, a cardinal sin for any QB. Harris undercut the throw intended for Gronk in the back on the end zone and took it the distance to put the score card virtually out of reach, Vikings 27-17. “It had been a tough fight all night. You always second guess after the fact. I was indecisive about the original play call. I should have called a timeout to reassess. When you get cut under the eye and it swells you get tunnel vision. I’m Shaken but not Stirred. We will heal our wounds and be better and ready for the playoffs!” a confident Coach ELBuccs. Good game and congratulations Coach Mamba! You picked up where you left off before your sabbatical.