Ravens-Gate 2020

After starting the season off on a positive note, the El Taco Ravens have been the subject of cheating speculations and game play accusations.

Week 2 vs The GB Clockwork a 13 – 10 loss was a tough pill to swallow as Jackson threw 5 Int’s almost mirroring Rodgers Madden 20 performance against the El Taco Raiders.

Unfortunately, this performance was tarnished by a “screen sniping allegation” that was unable to be disproved. Though El Taco claims his innocence and being a victim of a Twitch viewer reporting error. He was deemed guilty based on opinions, speculation, and assumptions rather than proof or evidence outside of a twitch screen shot which he could not disprove. Thus the El Taco Ravens have to suspend the starting LT & DT for Weeks 3 & 4 match ups.

Week 3 vs OG Philly (Rescheduled)

Week 4 vs DC Drama Redskins match up led to a disheartening loss at 14 – 45 and was anything but drama. The El Tacos Ravens did not show up, suit up, or remember how to compete. The Ravens were defeated in every facet of the game. The Ravens lead the league in Week 4 in missed tackles, missed turnover opportunities and continued to sputter offensively in this one sided affair. Hats off to the Redskins.

Week 5 vs Sniper Panthers 21 – 17 victory was a pleasant surprise after every match up between these coaches has ended with El Taco losing by 4+ touchdowns. The game was a turnover festival as each side tried to establish a personality on the field (based on other coaches comments). Coming down to the final drive of the game, this match up was too close for comfort. (Final results are under protest – update pending)

As expected this game received external criticism from multiple parties, none of which was constructive as one would hope from the Prestigious 40N community but at the end of the day “brotherhood” takes a back seat to the W’s.

So, do the Ravens crack under the pressure? or Do the Ravens remain in the annoying emotional rule breaking coach category other coaches find themselves in? or Do the Ravens establish themselves as contenders?? This is a long season and the next few weeks are crucial! Make sure to check back in!

Be Safe & Go Ravens!