Not The Bay of Pigs Anymore

In the late 1980’s Chris Berman on the ESPN NFL Primetime Show coined the phrase “Bay of Pigs” talking about any matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers and Bucs were woeful! Since then the two teams have appeared in 5 Super Bowls combined with each team winning two.

Season 29 Week 14 Buccaneers traveled to Lambeau for a matchup of two HOF QBs, Brady vs Rodgers. Rodgers made four mistakes, Brady made one mistake, Bucs 35 – Packers 21.

Lavonte tips the dig route to Carlton Davis III

The Buc defense started to make an impact on the second play of the game. Lavonte David got under a dig route by Funchess tipping it to a trailing Carlton Davis III. This was the first of three first quarter interceptions, four total in the first half by Rodgers. Brady threw a dreaded redzone pick late in the first half while throwing late over the middle. Bucs 21-7 at the half.

Godwin squeezes 6

You can never count out a HOF QB like Aaron Rodgers especially when coached by Clockworkman. Coach ELBuccs knows that and didn’t want A-Rod to feel life. Coach ELBuccs and Brady opened the second half with a time consuming almost 6 minute drive to face 4th & goal from the 3. There was no doubt on the Buc sideline what the decision would be. The result was Godwin squeezing a catch in the back of the end zone, Bucs 28-7. However, before the start of the 4th the Packers scored cutting the deficit to 14.

TJ Logan cuts and burst for TD

It was out of reach when the Bucs led another time consuming 7+ minute drive punctuated by a TJ Logan 27 yard burst to make it 35-14 just before the 2 minute warning. Coach Clock would hit Adams for a 49 yard TD with just over a minute to go, Bucs 35-21. It was too little to late. Good game Coach Clockworkman. You still own the #2 seed in The All-Star if the playoffs started today. Perhaps we may meet again in the Battle of The Bays.