Last Week Tonight

Happy Belated 40N season opening!

The Ravens of Taco Nation open the year against cross town rivals CTownboggie Browns. This appears to be the first meeting between these coaches but this rivalry is nothing new for real football fans!

El Grande Presidente Taco opened up the 40N season with an important win at home with a 17 – 0 victory. His traditional style of play led to an early lead that was never relinquished.

Against a stellar Cleveland defensive front, The Ravens rushed for 30+ attempts and maintained control of the clock and scoreboard. 17 points in the first half was a fantastic change of pace from the Taco Raiders of last year. Balanced play with limiting turnovers appeared to be the focus of the game.

Unfortunately, all points were scored in the 1st half as the Ravens left multiple opportunities to capitalize on the field. At times the Ravens appeared to fear the end zone and the long ball as only 2 deep passes were attempted… In the high power 40N this low scoring game will not go very far.

Nonetheless, a positive start for the Ravens as they roll into Green Bay in Week 2. Can they hold the high power Packers offense to the minimal points? Can they manage the clock while playing better defense? Or will we the high power Ravens Pass game show up in week 2??

Thank you for attending this Taco Minute!

Be safe & GO RAVENS!

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