Game of the Week – Week 2 (Pt.2)

Welcome back to the Week 2 Game of the Week! I am your host El Original Taco. After hearing some confident and humble words from LIRican, I have the pleasure of interviewing the home team coach DocZulu. 

Interview with DocZulu 

Taco: Thank you for taking time to speak with me today. As the commissioner for the 40Nick I know how valuable you time is. After an early playoff exit last season, what can you tell the 40Nick community about your goals this season with the Raiders? 

DocZulu: Going into the ELiTE conference round, I was prepared for my matchup with Willara. I felt comfortable about the way his team match up with my Raiders but when the final whistle was blown, I was disappointed with the results. This season, I’m doing my best to isolate last year’s shortcomings and to upgrade my strengths, where necessary. With that said, I believe the goal of every former champion is a return to the conference game, but that’s quite a challenge. 

Taco: In what’s considered a pass heavy Madden 22, the Browns intercepted the Bears in Week 1, 5 times and only allowed 1 rushing touchdown all game. How does this impact your strategy going to our game of the week? 

DocZulu: It doesn’t change at all. The Browns aren’t the threat to the ELiTE conference. The threat is our champion, LIRican. Rican is one of the best manual players in our community. Give the Browns to another coach and they aren’t much of a threat. 

Taco: In Week 1, Josh Jacobs lead the Raiders offense with 15 carries for 83 yards (5.5 yards a carry). These statistics give the appearance of a new offensive strategy for the Raiders compared to last season. What can you tell us about the Raiders new offensive identity? 

DocZulu: Strategies change depending on who you play. Schemes should remain constant. Ideally, I use the right strategy for each opponent. 

Taco: The Rican Browns, rushed for 229 yards, passed for 155 yards, and scored 5 touchdowns in Week 1. What can the Raiders do to slow someone like Rican down? 

DocZulu: I would say that coaches who face Rican can ill afford to turn the ball over. That’s the issue.  It’s a testament to his defense that he put up those offensive numbers. 

Taco: Any final comments or statements for the 40Nick? 

DocZulu: It is very early in the Forty League season. I’d tell all of our coaches to maintain your composure. 16 weeks is a lot of time. Stay focused and have fun. 
There you have it ladies and gents, we have two premiere vet coaches who are ready for this matchup and ready to make a run for the Season 30 40N title. Make sure to tune in and actively chat during the game.  
Thank you for stopping by and remember every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday!