Episode Zero: Cats in Bags

Welcome back to the 40 Nickel Mixtape. The pleasantly annoying Clockworkman and The Maestro DocZulu return from hiatus with that heat you know and love. Madden is a year older and that means the 40 League is on the horizon. In this episode, we survey the lay of the land and begin to construct the storyline that is thirty seasons in the making. It’s thrilling… it’s essential…..It’s the Mixtape….

Todays Topics:

– “New Level of Lab”
– Leaving Las Vegas: Zulu Edition
– The New Rookie Class
– Landonbella owns Clockwork
– Superteam?
– Clock on that bullshit, again…”This shit personal…”
– WC- Spread’s new Nickname
– KandyKanenupe on notice
– The Infection

Winter is Coming, to the “North”….Enjoy!
(“We never expected anything like this……it’s been too good….”)