The Eagles hosted the Ravens Tuesday night with a new look. Jalen Hurts started as Coach OG benched Carson Wentz, he threw 4 picks but 2 were tipped. He gave us the spark we needed and with the help of Miles Sanders 2 tds and a forced fumble by Cox picked up and run in for a td by Brandon Graham it was a very close game. It actually should have probably went into OT, 50 seconds left in the game and Jalen drove them down to the 15yd. But between the rust and hitting the wrong button from a 2 week lay off Jalen threw a pick. I’m still very happy with his performance and he will remain the starter until he loses his job. REPORTER SAL PAOLANTONIO: Well Coach OG what will you do with Wentz? COACH OG HEAT: For now Sal Carson has to go back to square one because everything he’s doing is wrong he’s pressing ,holding the ball to long and over throwing receivers. Gotta run Sal Pat n Geno’s is about to close , i have to get my cheesesteak. Next week we host Da Raidas one of my good friends in Coach Zulu see you then.

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  1. OG pick me up a cheesesteak while you there!

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