Defense Travels

The Bucs defeat the Chiefs 31-6 at Arrowhead. The Buccaneer defense made stand after stand on the ground and in the air. The Front Seven held the line controlling the trenches with 7 TFL’s limiting the Chiefs to 20 yards rushing.

Lavonte David eyes a pick

Lavonte David made his presence felt all game shooting the gaps on runs and watching Mahome’s eyes in coverage. Lavonte had nothing but green in front of him returning his pick 43 yards for a TD. The back end had 5 of the 6 interceptions with Sean Murphy-Bunting picking passes on back to back possessions one being a pick 6.

Gronk gets inside for 6

The offense played well enough but not mistake free. Brady threw two TDs, two picks, and fumbled once. Gronk caught a short pass from old friend Tom to put the game away for good in the 4th. RoJo made the most of his 23 attempts for 72 yards.

Good game Coach Goofy. Once your offense gets going to complement your defense you will be a force to reckon with!