So after a great week one win versus the Titans, the Washington Football Team was heading into their first divisional game with a familiar opponent. The organization in New England, and their coach Xcyber. There’s no love lost between these two storied franchises, and last year the New England squad got the best of Coach DC both times. Although the first game the Pats were sent to their vacation home-ARBITRATION! For rules violations of multiple people while playing defense.

Cyber seems to be a very promising coach truth to be told. Was that due to the success of having the G.O.A.T last madden vs having Cam this years, that’s yet to be determined. He runs a pretty tight defense, & his team still has the those components to get things done. He will be measured be his offense but, he knew that coming into season 29, and yet he still chose to keep his team. So why are we here?

Coach Cyber FAILED to post his own availability for this week. He also FAILED to respond to my availability with any real since of lets say urgency, passion to play. Proactiveness is the better word to use. It’s WEEK 2!!! Divisional Foe. Let’s gooo. While its not something I wanted to do, rules are rules, and TRUST when the crosshairs are on this organization the trigger will be pulled.

Moral of this story stay on top all the little details within league fellas. Thank you to league office for helping resolve this matter-salute as always. OH cute pic at the end too DOC lmao.