Chargers win with last second TD to go 2-0!

The Los Angles Charges traveled to Carolina to take on the Panthers in their first divisional matchup.  The charges started out strong with their typical ground game racking up some easy yards and converting on two early scores.  Then the Panthers woke up and attacked a secondary that didn’t show up today hitting on deep balls against some poor safety play and scoring two touchdowns to tie it up.

Both teams would tighten up in the 3rd with the Chargers only producing 3 points and the Panthers turning it over in scoring position.

The 4th quarter is where it got interesting.  The Panthers were able to get down the field and again exposing poor safety play to setup the go ahead score late in the 4th quarter.  The Chargers got the ball with 3:01 remaining needing a TD.  Young Justin was cool calm and collective marching down the field eating up the clock.  Converting on a big 4th down to move the chains and setting up the Chargers with first and 10 on the 14 with :38.  The Panthers defense stood strong allowing a short pass to Ekeler and throw away from Herert and a short rush with just :31 seconds left.  Herbert went no huddle as the clock continued to tick…..  Calling a last minute audible (which was wrong by the way) the kid didn’t panic and made is read and hit Keenan Allen for the game winner in the back of the endzone.

Great clutch drive and TD by the kid to secure the second victory of the season in a very sloppy game.

Coach Rican:  “We’re going to need to clean up our play.  Our defense was horrible we knew he wanted to do two things.  Get Mccaffrey the ball and take deep shots with his speed receivers.  And we let him have those deep balls and that’s not acceptable.  Losing Desmond King hurt and it showed.  We will need to make some adjustments and figure out who wants to make a play back there.”

On to the Texans.

Good Game Sniper