Blinded by the Bolts

When the conferences and divisions were announced months ago everyone inscribed the Chargers in the Conference Championship Game with a permanent marker. There were others who put their money on the Buccaneers being there after the signed free agent Tom Brady. Give the people what they want is exactly what they got. Legendary Coach LiRican was as cool as the other side of the pillow. Coach ELBuccs in his second Conference Championship was eager for the challenge. “This is the biggest game of my young 40 career!” – Coach ELB

Coach LiRican demonstrated his championship pedigree on his way to another 40 Nickel Bowl with a 31-14 victory. The Chargers methodically made game winning plays. Coach ELBuccs at times showed promise but ultimately didn’t make the stops or drives when needed most. Congratulations Coach LiRican! Bring the Trophy to The All-Star.

Brate TD

Brady was dealing, 17 of 20 for 186 yards with a TD toss to Cameron Brate early in the 4th 7:01 to go, to make it 17-14. “We executed the game plan. We weren’t perfect and we got a call that went our way. We gave ourselves a chance.” Coach ELBuccs

David and White

The Bolts Flash Ekler was too bright for the dynamic duo to throw enough shade. “We saw what we expected and prepared for. They are exactly who we thought they are, and we couldn’t get them on the hook!” Defensive Coordinator Bowles. Lavonte David and Devin White played inspired leading the defense but couldn’t contain Ekler enough. Late in the 4th quarter was an opportunity, 4:27 to go with ball on TB33, 4th and inches, Ekler twists forward for a first down to keep the drive and clock moving,Chargers up 17-14.

Ekler out the back door

A few plays later, 2:07 to go with ball on TB 19, 2nd and 9, Ekler burst through a huge back door hole to effectively put the game away 24-14. Barret had an arm out, Suh couldnt close down the hole. Winfield get held from pursuit as he waved his free arm, and Dean locked in a wrestling match. “We didn’t get it done. We will get better!” Down 10 with 2 min to go Brady threw 2 picks to mar an otherwise solid performance. Chargers won going away 31-14.Captain Lavonte David.

“It’s been a long season with COVID impacts. We’ve come a long way from an early embarrassing loss to the Bears. Yeah we accomplished a lot but you can’t settle for anything less than a Nickel Bowl Championship. We need to get hungrier and angrier. We need to be the Terminator! I’LL BE BACK” Coach ELBuccs