Bears Edge Division Rival Seahawks In Week 2 Showdown

Week 2

The Bears spent all week preparing for the Seahawks heavy run offense. Asked before the game, Coach Shadez had this to say… “We anticipate this game being won upfront this week. We’ve spent all week emphasizing the importance of stopping the run with our front 7 without having to use ru blitz’ too often because lets face it those receivers on the outside can easily beat you as well.”

Nagy speaks to the media pre-game.

The Bears defense looked shaky out the gate and almost too focused on the Seahawks run game. The Bears were caught early in the 1st quarter on a deep ball from Wilson to Lockett who saw the rookie CB Jaylon Johnson on an island to put the Seahawks up 7-0. The Bears first drive went 3 and out. The Seahawks would get a big run from Carson that put them on their side of the field. They would drive and go up 14-0 on a questionable 2nd and goal TD run from the one yard line.

Was he in? You make the call…

The Bears managed to pound the football down the field like the Chargers did the week before vs Seattle to get themselves within 7 with less than 2 minutes left in the half.

However, with 39 seconds left Seattle WR Lockett made a spectacular catch off two Bears defenders fumbling over what should have been Russel Wilson’s 4th interception of the game. Luckily Bears cornerback Gipson was there to make the last dive effort to keep Seattle from scoring because on the very next play Bears Eddie Jackson would come up huge with an interception to end the Seattle threat and to end the half.

Gipson makes the last effort tackle on Lockett

The first play of the 2nd half was a 60 yard scamper by Cohen who was tackled by a Seattle defender deep into Bears territory. Cohen finished the game with 30 attempts and 205 yards on the ground. The drive was stalled though and the Bears were forced to settle for 3 points. Still trailing by 4 there’s no doubt the momentum had switched and the Bears came to life.

The Bears defense would stop Seattle’s next drive on a huge 3rd and 9 sack by DT Bilal Nichols who fought off a double team to get to Wilson. The Bears would then drive down the field and cap the drive off with a Cohen touchdown off a quick toss that he instantly bounced inside and pinballed off of several Seattle defenders but was able to reach into the end zone before he knee was down. Bears go ahead 17-14.

DT Bilal Nichols beats the double team for the Bears only sack on Wilson.

The bears would stop the next Seattle drive with a Danny Trevathan interception as he stepped in front of a pass to TE Greg Olson. With 4:35 left the Bears took over on their own 37 yard line. After several Cohen runs and Seattle using two of their 3 timeouts it was Cohen’s second effort on a 3 and 6 run and a hit stick by Seattle’s Quandre Diggs that sealed the deal for the Bears. Bears rookie RB Artavis Pierce would force Seattle into calling their final timeout with a run play. Nick Foles who had a skimpy 39 yards passing on 8 attempts would kneel the ball down on the next 3 downs for the the Bears victory.

Cohen’s second effort first down for the Bears win.

The Bears will take the next day off and come in on Wednesday to begin preparation for a big time matchup vs. Tom Brady and the crew of Tampa Bay Week 3. Both teams are 2-0 so someone will be going home 2-1 on the season. Should be a good one.

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