A Hard Day’s Night

The Bucs were stuck in reverse all night. “We couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down! We couldn’t convert on 3rd down! We just didn’t execute. We knew what was coming and we just didn’t coach or play well enough, simple as that.”, somber Coach ELbuccs

Lavonte takes out Cohen’s legs while McLendon wraps up shoulders at 3 yard line
Winfield adds push at the 2 yard line
Cohen powers thru for the early TD

Bears opening drive TD set the tone for how the game would ultimately end up. “That’s a head scratcher, I’m just not sure how he got in there. We watched the film. We knew he could get around the corner so we wanted to keep him inside. We did that here and he somehow found his way to cross the goal line” lamented Coach ELBuccs

Mack Truck

The offense found it hard to get separation all night. Young rookie CB Jaylon Johnson picked Brady and returned it for the final Bears TD. He was matched up versus the Bucaneers most complete WR, Chris Godwin. On the crucial play the Bears played press as expected. Godwin was running a triple move route. He beat the press and sold the deep drive. The pocket was collapsing quick making Brady step up to make the throw on the break. However a combination of Khalil Mack bull rushing Donovan Smith into Brady and Jaylon breaking on the duck throw before Chris resulted in a pick 6. “Yeah we knew Mack moved to that side. You always have to identify guys like him. We set the protections to double him because we knew we needed time for the route to develop. They ran a little stunt to break the double team. Just needed another second for Chris to snap off the route. That’s what makes it so hard versus that defense. They can rush 4 and man up across the board. I liked the matchup just didn’t get the time to execute.” explain Coach ELBuccs

“Coach Shadez had a heck of game plan! He was a step ahead every play. Even the TD we did get was a bang bang play that Tom was able to fit in to Scooter. Congrats to Coach Shadez staying undefeated. We’ll watch the film and see what we missed. Week 4 we face another stout defense in the 49ers.” concluding comments from Coach ELBuccs